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Webinar 22 Septiembre: "Enhancing the value of BPM projects through Intelligent Automation (IA) Solutions"





ABPMP Educational Webinar:



"Enhancing the value of BPM projects through Intelligent Automation (IA) Solutions"


Next Wednesday, September 22 | 1:00pm CST (8pm España)




In a rapidly changing business environment, automation at scale is quickly becoming the new normal. Gartner predicts that industry adoption of Intelligent Automation (IA) will reach 85% in some form by 2022, and hyper-automation (rapid automation using a combination of automation tools) will be at the core of these automation efforts.


Why the growth and why should organizations care?  

Hyperautomation transforms every aspect of organizational functions from finance, tax, HR, and IT to supply chain, regulatory compliance, and customer care. It delivers significant return on investment and long-term benefits. World-class, best-in breed organizations are now combining robotic, intelligent, and autonomous systems into their business process management practices (BPM) – widening the scope of potential tasks and processes that can be automated every single day. More importantly, the convergence of BPM and IA is required within industries to execute reengineering efforts critical to growth plans.

Join Blue Prism intelligent automation leaders for a panel discussion on how hyper-automation is transforming operations and creating new opportunities to grow and scale your BPM efforts.


Key topics:

·    The latest technology trends and use cases from successful companies who have adopted hyperautomation to scale BPM operations.

·    Business outcomes from IA and metrics for measuring success.

·    Keys to creating a strategy and operating model to realize the long-term benefits of IA.


Meet the Speakers


Lew Rubinstein

Sr. Program Director, IA Solutions

Blue Prism

As Blue Prism’s Sr. Program Director, Lew leads the development of intelligent automation solutions with Blue Prism’s largest service providers. With a background in service design and a passion for Business Process Management, Lew ensures the execution of a customer centric roadmap designed to drive digital transformation, service excellence and growth for our customers. 


Bruce Mazza

VP, Technology Alliances Program

Blue Prism

Bruce Mazza is the VP of Blue Prism’s Global Technology Alliances Program (TAP), responsible for realizing Intelligent Automation by combining the best-in-class capabilities of our partners with Blue Prism’s leading RPA platform. Bruce has over 22 years of experience in leading alliances, sales, product management, product marketing and solutions development.  


Jon Walden

CTO, Americas

Blue Prism

Jon Walden is a diverse technologist who thrives on solving the most challenging and complex problems faced by enterprises. As Blue Prism’s Chief Technology Officer for the Americas, Jon is focused on expanding and evangelizing the capabilities of Robotic Processing and digital transformation. With a background in Architecture, Development, and Data, Jon provides insights from a wide range of platforms and perspectives.  His specialties include Robotic Process Automation (RPA), Business Intelligence, Programming, Program & Project Management.





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