martes, 12 de julio de 2022

ABPMP CBPP® Exam 4.0 - disponible ahora en Español, Francés, Alemán, Ruso y Portugués

Como parte de la estrategia de ABPMP International para hacer que nuestro contenido y certificaciones sean más accesibles a nivel mundial, ABPMP se enorgullece de lanzar las versiones en español, francés, alemán, ruso y portugués del examen CBPP 4.0.

Los nuevos exámenes están disponibles para registrarse el viernes 8 de julio de 2022. Se aceptarán todos los registros CBPP existentes ANTES del 8 de julio. Todos los NUEVOS registros pasarán al idioma local respectivo o al inglés a partir del 8 de julio.  



ABPMP Monthly Webinar: 20 Julio Engaging Leaders in BPM


ABPMP invites you to join Andrew Spanyi speak on Engaging Leaders in BPM - a monthly ABPMP Webinar on July 20th, 2022:


ABPMP Monthly Webinar: Engaging Leaders in BPM


1:00 PM CST - July 20th, 2022



A full replay of the webinar will be available afterwards if you cannot attend. Look out for an email update announcing the replay.



About This Course:


In this session Andrew Spanyi, an advisor to ABPMP, will talk about engaging leaders in BPM. Engaging leaders is initially about finding the right sponsor. But it goes beyond that. BPM professionals must also engage executives (bind) in their role on process improvement projects and eventually their ongoing support (mind) in process management. Lack of executive support is the single most often cited reason for the failure of BPM. This session will provide guidance on how to find, bind and mind leaders. 


Andrew will share with us how to find the right kind of leader and then how to engage leaders (bind them) in process improvement projects for rapid results as well as how to engage leaders (mind them) in ongoing process management. 


In this session, he will discuss how to:  

·   What to look for in finding the best leaders

·   How best to engage (bind them) leaders in process improvement

·   How to nurture (mind them) leaders in process management



Hosted by: Andrew Spanyi


Andrew Spanyi is the Managing Director of Spanyi International Inc., a consulting and training company working at the intersection of customer experience, process innovation and digital technologies. 


His early work in process improvement and management was with The Rummler-Brache Group [RBG]. He joined RBG in 1992 as a consultant and was a Managing Partner of the Canadian practice from 1996 to 2001. Andrew is the author of three books and dozens of articles. He has been involved in over 170 major performance improvement projects across several key industries in the USA.