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Webinar ABPMP: Analytics-Based Enterprise Performance Management (EPM)



ABPMP Monthly Webinar by Gary Cokins

October 26 | 1:00 pm CST



Analytics-Based Enterprise Performance Management (EPM)




ABPMP invites you to join Gary Cokins for this month's educational webinar.


Learning Objectives:


1. How to view enterprise and corporate performance management (EPM/CPM) as the seamless integration of managerial methods rather than as a process.


2. Understand how business analytics is an advance over business intelligence and where Big Data fits in.


3. How to identify and differentiate strategic KPIs in a balanced scorecard and operational performance indicators (PIs) in dashboards.



Speaker Info:


Gary Cokins, CPIM (gcokins@garycokins.com; phone 919 720 2718) http://www.garycokins.com


·    Gary Cokins is an internationally recognized expert, speaker, and author in advanced cost management and performance improvement systems. H

·    e is the founder of Analytics-Based Performance Management, an advisory firm located in Cary, North Carolina at www.garycokins.com 


His most recent book co-authored with Larry Maisel is:  Predictive Business Analytics (ISBN 978-1-118-17556-9) published by John Wiley & Sons.  Mr. Cokins can be contacted at gcokins@garycokins.com .  Linkedin.com contact: http://www.linkedin.com/pub/gary-cokins/0/15a/949


martes, 12 de julio de 2022

ABPMP CBPP® Exam 4.0 - disponible ahora en Español, Francés, Alemán, Ruso y Portugués

Como parte de la estrategia de ABPMP International para hacer que nuestro contenido y certificaciones sean más accesibles a nivel mundial, ABPMP se enorgullece de lanzar las versiones en español, francés, alemán, ruso y portugués del examen CBPP 4.0.

Los nuevos exámenes están disponibles para registrarse el viernes 8 de julio de 2022. Se aceptarán todos los registros CBPP existentes ANTES del 8 de julio. Todos los NUEVOS registros pasarán al idioma local respectivo o al inglés a partir del 8 de julio.  



ABPMP Monthly Webinar: 20 Julio Engaging Leaders in BPM


ABPMP invites you to join Andrew Spanyi speak on Engaging Leaders in BPM - a monthly ABPMP Webinar on July 20th, 2022:


ABPMP Monthly Webinar: Engaging Leaders in BPM


1:00 PM CST - July 20th, 2022



A full replay of the webinar will be available afterwards if you cannot attend. Look out for an email update announcing the replay.



About This Course:


In this session Andrew Spanyi, an advisor to ABPMP, will talk about engaging leaders in BPM. Engaging leaders is initially about finding the right sponsor. But it goes beyond that. BPM professionals must also engage executives (bind) in their role on process improvement projects and eventually their ongoing support (mind) in process management. Lack of executive support is the single most often cited reason for the failure of BPM. This session will provide guidance on how to find, bind and mind leaders. 


Andrew will share with us how to find the right kind of leader and then how to engage leaders (bind them) in process improvement projects for rapid results as well as how to engage leaders (mind them) in ongoing process management. 


In this session, he will discuss how to:  

·   What to look for in finding the best leaders

·   How best to engage (bind them) leaders in process improvement

·   How to nurture (mind them) leaders in process management



Hosted by: Andrew Spanyi


Andrew Spanyi is the Managing Director of Spanyi International Inc., a consulting and training company working at the intersection of customer experience, process innovation and digital technologies. 


His early work in process improvement and management was with The Rummler-Brache Group [RBG]. He joined RBG in 1992 as a consultant and was a Managing Partner of the Canadian practice from 1996 to 2001. Andrew is the author of three books and dozens of articles. He has been involved in over 170 major performance improvement projects across several key industries in the USA.


viernes, 10 de junio de 2022

ULTIMA OPORTUNIDAD: Los exámenes CBPA 3.0 y CBPP 3.0 acabarán oficialmente el 30 de junio de 2022

ABPMP se complace en completar el despliegue completo de nuestros nuevos exámenes 4.0, lo que significa solo una cosa, ¡es casi la hora de retirar oficialmente nuestros exámenes 3.0!

Solo queda un tiempo limitado para poder realizar los exámenes 3.0, solo hasta el 30 de junio de 2022.

Los nuevos exámenes 4.0 han cambiado como se muestra en la imagen.

Selecciona tu nivel de Examen

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WEBINAR: Beyond Operational Efficiency 15 Junio





Register Now for the ABPMP

June Educational Webinar



Beyond Operational Efficiency


June 15 | 1:00pm CST / 8:00 pm CET

Register NOW!



Business processes can move beyond operational efficiency to enable new business models and help develop innovative products and services. The shift to experience-driven digital transformation requires us to develop new practices, rituals, and ways of working. 





About the Speakers


Olivier Jauze - Olivier is a distinguished enterprise architect at Michelin with nearly 20 years of experience in software engineering and architecture. Passionate about finding solutions to user problems through technology, Olivier supports teams in their quest for amazing products and, in recent years, platforms as well. In an industry where software innovation is becoming dominant, Olivier will show how new practices and rituals can accelerate the pace of innovation. He will illustrate his point with examples from the field.


Bruno Citti - Bruno is a member of the Board of Directors of France Processus French affiliate of ABPMP, and he contributed to the European version of BPM CBOK. Previously, he acquired a strong and cross experience in the Banking and Insurance Industry from business view in a financial company, solution provider view (NCR) and consulting firm view (Capgemini, …). In the context of digitizing processes and implementing digital signatures, Bruno will focus on how to be agile to both meet customer expectations during their journey and improve alignment between business and IT teams.


Emmanuel Dumont - Emmanuel is the head of Group Agile Center in charge of the consistency of Societe Generale's Agile methodological framework, in federal mode with the Group's existing Agile centers.


Jérôme Régnier - Jérôme works for the office of the Chief Enterprise Architect at Société Générale. Previously, Jérôme worked as an enterprise architect for the French Ministry of Health and served as CTO of a financial company. Jerome contributed to the development of The Open Group's Open Agile Architecture™ standard. Etienne and Jérôme will describe the transition from a siloed organization toward an agile organization at scale.


Frédéric Lé - Frédéric is an advisor to the Atlas program, which serves as the foundation for the Digital Transformation of industrial sectors, across the entire value chain: systems engineering, PLM, Smart Manufacturing, logistics, maintenance, digital twins, data and infrastructure, and BIM. Frederic led the development of the Open Agile Architecture™ standard from The Open Group.

The development of data-sharing ecosystems is expected to impact every industry, from healthcare to media and from energy to manufacturing. New products and services that leverage shared data and AI will reshape the competitive landscape. Frederic will illustrate this shift with examples from the energy and construction sectors.





miércoles, 1 de junio de 2022

Ahora en diferido puedes ver una demo del uso de la Triple Corona (BPMN + DMN + CMMN) con el producto BPMS de Flowable

El pasado 26 de abril, ABPMP Spain organizó un Webinar #DEMOPRODUCTO para mostrar en funcionamiento el producto BPMS del fabricante Flowable. De la mano de José Carlos Mendoza, Solution Architect de Flowable se presentó Flowable Work, una solución Enterprise catalogada como Low Code Intelligent Automation, basada en los engines 100% open source basado en Java, de Flowable, para la Triple Corona de estándares: #BPMN (Business Process Model & Notation), #CMMN (Case Management Model and Notation) y #DMN (Decision Model and Notation), que incluye una alta capacidad de integración. 

Durante la demo José Carlos Mendoza mostró con ejemplos prácticos cómo Flowable con su arquitectura basada en modelos permite construir aplicaciones inteligentes de automatización de negocios para todo tipo de sectores como Banca, Aseguradoras, Salud, Gobierno, Telecomunicaciones, Media, Fabricación, Corporativo, Proveedores de Software... 

Mediante un caso de uso en la industria del Broadcasting con la necesidad de ingesta de material audiovisual y su respectivo control de calidad, José Carlos demostró en vivo cómo con Flowable Work se pueden utilizar estos tres estándares complementarios para respaldar los diversos patrones de trabajo utilizados en la mayoría de las organizaciones. Y con la demostración, mostró a su vez las capacidades Low-code, No-code de Flowable.

AHORA puedes verlo en diferido desde este link:

Webinar on demand demo producto Flowable

viernes, 27 de mayo de 2022

Webinar #BPMtalks #BuenasPrácticasBPM: 6 Junio 18h (CET - España): "Data - Driven Process #Automation" organizado por ABPMPspain

Cómo tomar decisiones empresariales mediante la trazabilidad de los procesos

La ciencia de datos se ha convertido en la piedra angular que impulsa la transformación digital y, naturalmente, no se detiene en el umbral de BPM. Ahora no solo resulta interesante resumir los resultados del proceso en informes y tableros estáticos, sino que se ha convertido en la obligación de todo gerente que debe contar con un proceso que incorpore y se adapte dinámicamente a conjuntos de datos complejos y en constante cambio. 

El Dr. Kay Winkler ha centrado su labor investigadora fundamentalmente en establecer marcos de medición para la determinar los beneficios de BPM con el “tiempo” como variable principal. Es responsable de la comercialización e implementación de soluciones BPM y ECM para América Latina en la empresa NSI (Negocios y Soluciones Informáticas SA). Reconocido internacionalmente como experto en BPM comparte este conocimiento con otros expertos reconocidos en su labor como Presidente del capítulo regional de ABPMP para América Central y Caribe, así como Vicepresidente y miembro de la ejecutiva de ABPMP Internacional.

APÚNTATE Webinar #BPMtalks #BuenasPrácticasBPM: 6 Junio 18h (CET - España): "Data - Driven Process #Automation" organizado por @ABPMPspain, ponente @KayBPM VP Chapter Services de @ABPMP

No pierdas esta ocasión y regístrate en este Webinar gratuito

👉REGISTRATE AHORA https://abpmpspain-webinar-kay-winkler.gr8.com

#businessprocessmanagement #BPM

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Webinar ABPMP: 18 Mayo: Data Driven Process Automation


Register Now for the ABPMP

May Educational Webinar



May 18 | 1:30pm CST

20:30 (España)



Data science has become the de facto corner stone for driving digital transformation and, naturally, doesn’t stop at the doorsteps of BPM.


The complete opposite is true!


It now not only happens to be a “nice-to-have”, summarizing process results into static reports and dashboards, it has become every manager’s obligation to have a process ingest and dynamically adapt to complex and everchanging data sets.





Hosted by: Kay Winkler


Kay Winkler earned his MBA from the Universidad Francisco de Vitoria in Spain and Ph.D. in economics and business administration from the Universidad Latina in Panama.


His investigation focused on establishing measurement frameworks for BPM benefit determination with “time” as the main variable. At NSI he is responsible for the distribution and implementation of BPM and ECM solutions in Latin America. Having been responsible for the automation and optimization of mission-critical processes for hundreds of international companies, he had the opportunity of accumulating proven and applied practices related to BPM and IT business solutions.


He is sharing this knowledge with insights from other recognized experts in his role as president at the regional ABPMP chapter.


He can be reached through LinkedIn at https://pa.linkedin.com/in/kaywinkler 


His publications can be found at Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/Kay-Win-kler/e/B077DTJRPS