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WEBINAR: Beyond Operational Efficiency 15 Junio





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June Educational Webinar



Beyond Operational Efficiency


June 15 | 1:00pm CST / 8:00 pm CET

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Business processes can move beyond operational efficiency to enable new business models and help develop innovative products and services. The shift to experience-driven digital transformation requires us to develop new practices, rituals, and ways of working. 





About the Speakers


Olivier Jauze - Olivier is a distinguished enterprise architect at Michelin with nearly 20 years of experience in software engineering and architecture. Passionate about finding solutions to user problems through technology, Olivier supports teams in their quest for amazing products and, in recent years, platforms as well. In an industry where software innovation is becoming dominant, Olivier will show how new practices and rituals can accelerate the pace of innovation. He will illustrate his point with examples from the field.


Bruno Citti - Bruno is a member of the Board of Directors of France Processus French affiliate of ABPMP, and he contributed to the European version of BPM CBOK. Previously, he acquired a strong and cross experience in the Banking and Insurance Industry from business view in a financial company, solution provider view (NCR) and consulting firm view (Capgemini, …). In the context of digitizing processes and implementing digital signatures, Bruno will focus on how to be agile to both meet customer expectations during their journey and improve alignment between business and IT teams.


Emmanuel Dumont - Emmanuel is the head of Group Agile Center in charge of the consistency of Societe Generale's Agile methodological framework, in federal mode with the Group's existing Agile centers.


Jérôme Régnier - Jérôme works for the office of the Chief Enterprise Architect at Société Générale. Previously, Jérôme worked as an enterprise architect for the French Ministry of Health and served as CTO of a financial company. Jerome contributed to the development of The Open Group's Open Agile Architecture™ standard. Etienne and Jérôme will describe the transition from a siloed organization toward an agile organization at scale.


Frédéric Lé - Frédéric is an advisor to the Atlas program, which serves as the foundation for the Digital Transformation of industrial sectors, across the entire value chain: systems engineering, PLM, Smart Manufacturing, logistics, maintenance, digital twins, data and infrastructure, and BIM. Frederic led the development of the Open Agile Architecture™ standard from The Open Group.

The development of data-sharing ecosystems is expected to impact every industry, from healthcare to media and from energy to manufacturing. New products and services that leverage shared data and AI will reshape the competitive landscape. Frederic will illustrate this shift with examples from the energy and construction sectors.





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