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Webinar ABPMP: 18 Mayo: Data Driven Process Automation


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May Educational Webinar



May 18 | 1:30pm CST

20:30 (España)



Data science has become the de facto corner stone for driving digital transformation and, naturally, doesn’t stop at the doorsteps of BPM.


The complete opposite is true!


It now not only happens to be a “nice-to-have”, summarizing process results into static reports and dashboards, it has become every manager’s obligation to have a process ingest and dynamically adapt to complex and everchanging data sets.





Hosted by: Kay Winkler


Kay Winkler earned his MBA from the Universidad Francisco de Vitoria in Spain and Ph.D. in economics and business administration from the Universidad Latina in Panama.


His investigation focused on establishing measurement frameworks for BPM benefit determination with “time” as the main variable. At NSI he is responsible for the distribution and implementation of BPM and ECM solutions in Latin America. Having been responsible for the automation and optimization of mission-critical processes for hundreds of international companies, he had the opportunity of accumulating proven and applied practices related to BPM and IT business solutions.


He is sharing this knowledge with insights from other recognized experts in his role as president at the regional ABPMP chapter.


He can be reached through LinkedIn at https://pa.linkedin.com/in/kaywinkler 


His publications can be found at Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/Kay-Win-kler/e/B077DTJRPS

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