viernes, 12 de abril de 2024

ABPMP Monthly Educational Webinar: 17 Abril: Process Risk & Performance Management – PRPM



Process Risk & Performance Management – PRPM ©


April 17, 2024 at 1:00 pm CT 20:00 CET








In the upcoming webinar, Meherban Faroogh will delve into his Process Risk & Performance Management (PRPM ©) methodology, inspired by COSO ERM principles. The session will focus on aligning process objectives and KPIs with strategic goals, assessing inherent risks, identifying key controls, and managing residual risks to achieve desired objectives. The participants will gain valuable insights into effectively integrating risk management into their BPM practices to enhance organizational performance and achieve strategic alignment.





About Dr Meherban Faroogh


With over two decades of expertise in finance, process, ERP implementation, business transformation, compliance, and change management, Meherban Faroogh steers organizations through transformative BPM implementations. As the founder of BPS Partners, he coaches client staff in BPM practices, ensuring these methodologies are woven into the organizational fabric for lasting impact. His strategic approach not only delves into process optimization and risk management but also champions a culture of continuous improvement. By documenting processes meticulously and establishing an effective process governance structure, Meherban ensures they serve as a foundation for standard work, from onboarding to training, enabling employees to perform work reliably, yet innovatively. This approach not only anchors the day-to-da y operations but also paves the way for creativity and continuous improvement within the organizational framework. These process maps become pivotal in saving time, effort, and resources across ERP implementations, business transformations, and other strategic endeavors, while embedding continuous improvement into the organization’s DNA.




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