domingo, 13 de diciembre de 2020

Webinar ABPMP: 16 Dic "The Time Variable in the era of Hyperautomation" por Kay Winkler

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December 16, 2020 | 8:00 PM CET


The Time Variable in the era of




Learning Objectives:


How can different measurements of Time in automation solutions help to


·    Define and optimize the end-to-end process and its components


·    Optimize the CJM and Churn Rates

·    Strike a balance between automation and human interaction



Hosted by: Kay Winkler


Mr. Winkler is the current president of Panama and Central America Chapter of ABPMP. He is a professional in BPM, has a consulting company specialized in BPM, he has prepared several professionals in Panama for the CBPP certification, and he speaks several languages, including English and Spanish. In this role, he will be able to effectively assist new chapters, specifically in emerging markets to establish themselves, become sustainable and to grow in membership as well as certification headcount. 


Kay, he is a passionate leader and expert in business process management. He is constantly searching for ways to promote and create awareness of the impact and value that a proper business process management approach can generate. Not only from a theoretical perspective but also from a very practical and hands-on experience, he is able to engage like-minded people and individuals who are just starting on their road towards a process-oriented mindset. As the leader of the Central America Chapter, he coordinates all efforts across multiple countries and maintains a very active community of subject matter experts, engaging and collaborating consistently. He would be a very valuable incorporation to the leadership team and would also make a significant contribution to making the CBOK available in Spanish to reach even more audiences and new markets.



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